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Hi my Fatsia leaves are falling off at the ode point of th branch. Never happened before. On examination the branch feels very soft and damp. The plant hasn't been watered except by nature any ideas. Kind regards Del

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I would leave it - it actually looks OK. It looks like it got frosted (got to -5C here 12 days ago which was colder than the Dec dip). The tip will dry out and the leaves perk up (of it they will fall off) leave it to dry out. Sometimes the growing tip goes mushy after frost and falls off but it regrows.

17 Apr, 2013


Mine is the same. Am leaving it out now in a sunny spot.

18 Apr, 2013


it as said looks good an healthy for thi time of year . you can tidy it up and take the tattier leaves off . there had as nails and quite naturaly flower in midfrost . ever greens lose laves just the same as a dissiduace plant/tree excuse my spelling , just not all at once . i know someone who cuts theres back hard and it always comes back .

18 Apr, 2013


If the branch which is losing its leaves is soggy in comparison to the others on the plant, I'd cut that one out right at the base.

19 Apr, 2013


You can prune the branches down soon, if you want to make it more bushy or lower. It will resprout.

19 Apr, 2013


@Bamboo. One of mine has a black branch about an inch but it is solid and the leave saggy but attached and sad but live looking. Will I cut that back?

19 Apr, 2013


I would, Kildermorie, not least cos its unattractive, but also just in case, take it out at the base. If the shrub is healthy, it will produce more branches any way.

20 Apr, 2013

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