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I haven't been on GOY for AGES!!! The last time was when we were digging up an established garden and trying to save it. I have an azalea, which I moved three years ago now, in the move, and although it looks alive (leaves still on the plant, branches break to reveal a green inside), the plant hasn't flowered and has never even put on new growth. I've fed it, watered it obviously, and now I don't know what to do. I had the help of a very experienced gardener when we moved it, so I'm pretty sure we did everything we could to move it successfully. What to do? Could it be that it is near a tree and a hedge I wonder? It gets sunshine but only for a small amount of the day. Photos to follow. Also have another azalea which we moved, which grows leaves and shoots every year but hasn't flowered yet?!

Thanks All.



When you moved them, did you make sure that you replanted them shallowly, all rhododendrons are surface rooters, and hate to be planted too deeply, it is possible that they're just sulking a bit, and will flowert again eventually, also are they in acid soil? Derek.

17 Apr, 2013


Did you feed them with Sequestrene ? Thats the correct food.

18 Apr, 2013


Thanks Derek and Diane.

We moved the large wide yet shallow rootball and yes I would say its sat at the right height. Yes acid soil too.

Diane I feed the garden with miracle grow and various ericaceous feeds. I have some sequestrene but haven't used it on the azalea. Should I?

Thank you both. X

18 Apr, 2013


I seem to remember reading another member mentioning feeding the Azalea. Should be right if you have acid soil.
Lucky you ! I have just fed my Blueberries.

19 Apr, 2013


Diane I fed the azalea (and other things) with the sequestrene today so here's hoping. Just had a day in the garden and have got loads done. Its been great. planted up some dahlias so hope they flower. Last year I had about one flower and the rest foliage so here's hoping there too. Having an 8 month old who doesn't want to watch me garden means I don't have the time I'd like to anymore. Can't wait to see the fruits of my labour. Thank you everyone.

22 Apr, 2013

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