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Is there any reason I should not use a wigwam structure to grow my peas up, in the same way as I do with runner beans?



Hello gi gilliann,
Hope your well ,
Its a good question your asking, I dont like the wigwam idea but i did use that very method for years until it was pointed out to me how much time i was spending trying to get the pea's from the inner section of the wigwam,
So what i do now is make a tunnel idea (a frame ) big enough so i gat walk inside and pick from both in & out side the frame, you can also have lettuce etc growing inside and the shade keeps them growing happy.
So for me a simple cane made tunnel is for me.

18 Apr, 2013


think this is a good idea if you have the space i only have raised beds so is it possible to just have them on the ground or is there problems with this ?? wigwams do take up a lot of space

18 Apr, 2013


Tall growing sweet peas are best grown up canes, 8" apart, in double rows about a foot between rows. The width of the bed is a minimum of 2 foot.
So a bed 6 foot long by 2 foot wide will grow 16 plants easily.

18 Apr, 2013


There is no reason not to grow your peas up a wigwam structure. We grow ours in rows but our neighbour uses the wigwam method and they both work. Not sure why Scrumpyg. thinks you are referring to sweet peas...

18 Apr, 2013


Thanks very much for all your help. I see the problems with regard to getting the peas from the middle of the wigwam but I will try it this year and see how it goes. My peas didn't grow at all last year, so I will class any growth this year as success. Also the wigwams look pretty as they are at the moment and will look even better if plants manage to climb up them! Thanks again.

19 Apr, 2013


MG, yes, you are right.
Mind you, I use the same method, except I use netting instead of canes, and have about 2 foot between the rows.

19 Apr, 2013


We use netting too Scrumpyg. attached to posts at either end of the row - gives the peas something to twine through.

19 Apr, 2013

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