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what do members think is best for treating moss in lawns? there are so many products out there, it's hard to choose.What has worked for you?



A good question,
Knowing what any subject likes to grow is the answer to putting a stop to its continuing to grow,

Moss likes moist/damp conditions and shade rather the full sun "but" it will live in full sun and after a hot spell turns a fawn colour,

The way to treat moss on your lawn is to stop it being able to have its ideal conditions,
have a look first to see if you've a very shaded section ie is there a tree blocking off the light and causing the ground tobe wet via drips long after rain has gone?

The ground will need tobe aired via a fork pushed down some 4/6 inch after the grass has been cut and then sand brushed into the "now" aired area, Moss needs an airing and to be seperated from its damp conditions,
Moss killer will kill moss but if you dont remove the cause ie damp/shade and lack of air!
the problem will come back.

Moss on concrete can be removed via a stiff brush / water jet, and the likes of "JEYS" fluid washed over the area, this may need doing on a regular basis,

19 Apr, 2013


i dont think a lot of green coloured plants look good in said lawn . why fight nature ? just a thaught .

19 Apr, 2013


Elbow grease - with a rake and/or scarifier works for me.

19 Apr, 2013


There is a grass seed specially for shaded areas - don't know how successful it is but it may well be a strong enough grower to fight off the moss?

19 Apr, 2013


I quite like my moss, its green, doesn't need cutting and its quite springy to walk on. OH does not agree with this.

19 Apr, 2013


i do totaly jenfren xx .

19 Apr, 2013


thanks to you all for replying.Dungy, I think you are right about the trees, we are opposite the village church and it is 'ringed' by very tall trees, although our front garden [where the moss is] is south facing and gets very dry and sunny.Strange. We need to scarify more too.Of course it was very wet all last year, which made things worse.we have cleared the drive [brickwork] by using a pressure washer, so all moss is gone there, and had the roof cleared and sprayed by a local firm, so it's just the lawn.we will try the moss killer and feed approach followed by the 'elbow grease' treatment [arrrrrrrgh!]I dont like the springy-ness of moss [it leaves footprints] and if it dies off the lawn it just goes brown.

19 Apr, 2013


Forget about lawn and grow low growing shade and sun tolerant plants instead. I saw a flowering lawn on a programme the other night but dk which channel it was on.Maybe somebody else can direct you to it. The idea is that it can be mowed and walked on but will look good. My lawn has been converting itself and doing it rather well. I have wild primroses, blue and white wild violets, dandelions, I pick the heads before they go to seed, buttercups and daisies. I love it. There is also plenty of moss.

15 Jun, 2013

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