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By Marion1

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I have purchase a Solanum Crispum Glasnevin and I want to grow it as a climber, trouble is all my wall and fences are already covered in climbers and I dont want to get rid of any. Would it be ok to plant it next to Wisteria or clematis montanna so that it can grow up through them or do you think it would be too much for them. Thanks



I have several plants growing through each other . they should be fine as long as they are well fed. watch out for mildew etc but go for it. I have several clematis through shrubs so they are flowering at different times.

19 Apr, 2013


well all i can say is m lovley ornementle grape vine and false virginia had been doing great for the last 12-14 years . they even went threw each other still looking good . now thow the creeper is dead and the vine i cut rite back to about 4 feet above ground so i wouldnt say that growing all climbers together . you see bye the nature of bing climbers they must compete in the wild and be able to fight other plants off as ive seen on tv on the life of plants . as for a climber , id give anything a chance at being a climber as long as its bendy and flexible when young . i had an old swing in the garden cemented in . i built about a 5-6 foot head within the gap left bye the swing . i then planted a cherry tree and have been training aroun the swing frame . ill rot the frame out when the plants are self supporting bye drilling in the top and pouring salt water down the uprights . if you look on my blogs youl see it . i hope i helped bye for now . ps you can just knock up some sort of arch or bye a cheap on and grow climbers up that . i know someone who just bangs a post in the floor and groes virginia creeper etc up to the top . looks grea in summer . you could even get arty and have a living form maybe .

19 Apr, 2013


i dont do lattin names as im dyslexic and cant spell 3 letter words lol . so i looked up the plant name and it looks like it offers itself to being a climber realy nicely .

19 Apr, 2013


Having had to dig out my Solanum Glasnevin last year Marion because it got too big and heavy for the wooden fence it grew against, and was also smothering the clematis and other climbers nearby, I would say be cautious where you plant it. It is a lovely plant and the flowers last for ages but it does grow very big and the branches can get quite thick and heavy.

19 Apr, 2013


Thank you.

20 Apr, 2013

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