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Best annual feed for shrubs and climbers?

My garden is covered in weed-suppressing membrane topped with bark, so it has to be liquid feed of some sort. What would you recommend, please?



A good general purpose liquid feed such as Maxicrop, or Phostrogen or Miraclegro would be fine. If any of the plants are ericaceous, Rhododendrons, Camellias etc, then use Miracid.

19 Apr, 2013


Do we need Weed -suppressing membrane under Bark.?

20 Apr, 2013


I swear by Tomorite, Iwas advised to stop using miraclegro a few years back as it produces leaves and not flowers. I have never looked back with to tomorite

20 Apr, 2013


Thank you, Volunteer and Marion1. :) Don't those particular feeds have to be used every 7-14 days, though? I'm after one that needs applying only once or twice a year, and all I can find with that criterion are granular feeds that need forking in.

@Swanky - I guess it depends on each individual's situation as to whether it's needed or not. In mine, it was absolutely essential.

21 Apr, 2013


By its very nature, a liquid feed will only be present for a short time. The granular feeds release their goodness over weeks or months when the temp is right.

22 Apr, 2013

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