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What's this on my elodea, it's slimey? The elodea seems to have thrived under weeks of ice, amazing. Now, just to show off..... I have a pair of newts in my pond, first for years:-)

New_pics_1082 New_pics_1084



That looks like the early stages of Blanketweed. It has appeared in my pond too this year, Grrrr! My pond has been blanketweed-free until this year; maybe the fish kept it in check .... they disappeared last year, probably some heron's dinner!

20 Apr, 2013


That's a coincidence Xela, my last fish died around November I think, others just vanished too. I'll have to see if there's anything I can use that won't harm wildlife, otherwise it seems just a twisty stick does the job, but it's all attached to the elodea:-(

20 Apr, 2013


Water snails eat it, but you would need a lot!!

20 Apr, 2013


Lol Steragram, thanks for that then:-)))

20 Apr, 2013



22 Apr, 2013


I have removed the Elodea with blanketweed attached from my pond, there is plenty of Elodea left and once the Spring temperatures return to the pond it will explode into growth anyway (Yes, I know, so will the Blanketweed!). I shall be topping up my water snail population next time I visit the aquatic garden centre too. Here's hoping we come out on top in the 'Blanketweed Battle', Bornagain!

23 Apr, 2013


Thanks Zela, unfortunately I don't have transport, but did once send for some snails which arrived through the post, hard to tell if all or any made it though, they were all babies I think. I haven't had a blanket weed problem before, just a green water problem despite barley straw...flippin' eck my pond's full of problems. I'll go fishing for elodea, I wonder why the weed attaches itself to it and where does it come from? :-)

23 Apr, 2013


Fisrt time I've had Blanketweed too, Bornagain, but it was probably only a question of time. The spores can lie dormant for years. It thrives on nitrates, which animals (ie our fish) produce (also a component of tap water), and sunlight of course. Each strand is made up of single cells which live independently of eachother, so the smallest fragment will regrow. No doubt it has arrived with new addition(s) to our ponds, but the fish have grazed on it and kept it under control for us. I think I shall be finding some fishy friends for those snails too. :-)

24 Apr, 2013


I went armed with bamboo stick to twizzle it out, when I noticed some tadpoles and one of my newts hanging around it so left it lol:-)

25 Apr, 2013

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