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I have a rhodedendron that belonged to my mum but was failing to thrive so I have bought it home with me and potted it up . The leaves are blotched brown and some are eaten .I have potted it in a large pot with lots of drainage and an suitable compost . Is there anything else I can do ?




Those round notches in the leaves were possibly caused by leaf cutter bees. The only other insect that eats notches is the vine weevil, but they are not usually as neat and round as these. The bees will not have damaged the plant and if they were at your mothers house you may not have any near yours. I can't think what could have eaten all along the sides of the leaves - perhaps someone else will know.

20 Apr, 2013


Thanks , I did notice while it was in the ground at Mums there were loads of ants all over it

20 Apr, 2013


Hello Jillianu from the other end of Devon. Maybe your rhodi as just been battered by the awful weather of the last 2 years.

20 Apr, 2013


Yes Lizziebe , it's been awful , I don't know much about Rhodies as I can't grow them here , have quite heavy clay ,that's why I put it in a pot . Lets hope we have better weather this year .

20 Apr, 2013


Do you have room to plant in the ground Jillianu?

If you can I would and plant with Ericaceous compost and also a good liquid feed.

Good luck.

20 Apr, 2013


If it continues to fail then I will .Thanks for your advice Scotkat

20 Apr, 2013


If you have hard water in your area, you will be better off watering with rainwater. Or cold tea!

20 Apr, 2013


I have soft water but I water from my water butt mostly. haven't had to water too much lately as its rained almost everyday ! Thanks for your advice Andrewr I'll try the cold tea .

20 Apr, 2013


Those notches at the leaf edge are caused by vine weevil adults (all females). Rhodos are a favourite. Leaf cutter bees make very regular cut-outs, almost circular, and never of rhodo, always softer leafed plants. Look to the health of the rhodo. Vine weevil grubs eat the roots and may, just may, be the cause for your plant's lack of vigour.

20 Apr, 2013


Thanks Worthy1 i will check that out

21 Apr, 2013


Didn't know leaf cutters avoided rhodos. I was looking at the circular notch bottom left. Don't stress too much about the ants - they won't have eaten it.

22 Apr, 2013

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