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for two years running i had tiny holes in all potatoes on the allotment even though i rotated could it be wire worm .. any ideas ???



are you useing hen manure, wireworms are attracted to it, do you put lime around your cabbage ect' when you rotate, if not I would start doing it , it sounds like wire worm, so now you know they like bird dropings but hate the lime, hope this helps nothing worse when you have a good crop to find these little bliters have tasted every thing befor you,

21 Jan, 2010


How large are 'tiny'? The other cause of small holes in potatoes, and more frequently occurring, is keel slugs:
"A burrowing specialist, notorious for its destruction of potatoes, it will in fact attack most root crops and is difficult to control as it spends most of its time underground." to quote a Cardiff University website:

21 Jan, 2010

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