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Hello All. I have a greengage in my garden (purchased last year) and I I am wondering how to prune him. The label is as follows: Plum Tree Greengage, size this tree has been grown on a semi dwarfing root stock making it ideal for the average garden. Up to 4m tall and 3m across in 5 years. I don't really want a tree that tall and have been looking on sites that say you can grow plum trees to about 6-9 feet and that it should be pruned hard for the first 3 years. Any advice you can give me would be most welcome. Thanks




Silverleaf disease is a risk if gages are pruned at the wrong time, so restrict pruning to summer time. Its a pity you didn't buy a tree on dwarfing rootstock if you want to keep it smaller, a Pixy rootstock gives a smaller tree, but you can decide how to prune and train your tree - cordon or espalier or fan training (against a wall) are all methods of keeping plants shaped and restricted whilst encouraging fruit production. Its certainly worth your while to research these pruning methods and decide which is most appropriate for you. Plenty of info on these techniques online.

22 Apr, 2013


Try the RHS website. Google 'RHS plum pruning' and it takes you straight to info.

22 Apr, 2013


However you prune it though, in that position its going to put too much shade on your veg beds though. Lovely tree - greengages are scrumptious. Might be best to get one on a smaller root stock as Bamboo suggests and give this one to somebody who has room for it next autumn?

22 Apr, 2013

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