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By Hank

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

Lot of stones & lumps in soil.
I thought I'd make myself a sieve to get the lumps etc out of my soil. But the wire mesh I need appears to be about 10 metres long and costs up to £20.
No doubt someone can tell me where to get a 900 x 600 piece at a reasonable price,thanks.
And is 13 mm appropriate, thanks.



Hi Hank,
What are you thinking of growing in this soil?
IE flowers, veg shrubs?

If for instance your thinking of growing veg the likes of carrots can have a problem with stone's (its called forking)

But a lot of the flowers etc can still be sown in stone soil,
collecting stones can be a very long term job and the best way ive found is to invest in the likes of a mantis soil tilth machine, this will just tilth (not rotovate) the soil and this makes the soil very fluffy "like powder" great for both seeds and planting small plug plant of growing on, &turning the under soil stones to the surface.

ref the job of collecting the stones,
again every garden ive had ive had a problem with unwanted bricks/stones etc and i find the best way is to buy a round riddle (a bit like you see in the old cowboy films when they're riddling for gold in the rivers "i think they call it panning" this riddle is very cheap.

Most good garden centre's still sell these round steel mesh riddles, chicken wire isn't strong enough for a long term use or heavy stone's as the wire bends and soon falls apart,

I had a bucket and one of these round riddle devices a kneeling pad and i did each area i was about to plant anything in,
you'll be amazed how quickly you'll fill a wheel barrow of stones and how long this job can take, (months before all stones are cleared in some cases.)

If your thinking of screening off a path area or your needing hard core for the base of a shed /cold frame/raisedbed etc,

Why not screen the area's off for the above plans and as you fill the barrow tip the contents directly into the screened off area's,
You'll save time and effort doing both jobs together.

22 Apr, 2013


Thanks for that Dungy, but I have a small garden with just 5 raised beds and little else, apart from large tubs,( and a greenhouse). I only want to grow veg and the latest raised bed I have is about 4metres long but only half a metre wide. This is full of limestone chippings (among the soil) and it's these I want to get rid of, plus numerous weeds and lumps.
I've got a small riddle about 500mm diameter but it's too fine and I need something a bit bigger.
I was hoping to make a square one to fit over the wheelbarrow.

22 Apr, 2013


The weeds you will need to 'weed out' you must have putting the chippings into the raised bed in the first place. Unless you are growing carrots or parsnips they wont be a problems, even then you will still be able to grow the stumpier varieties of carrots.

22 Apr, 2013


Hi M.G., the area I'm referring to was one of my wife's flower beds which always looked wonderful. But after 5 years of neglect it needed something doing so I stripped everything out and want to put it right, thus the need for a riddle, and I have veg growing in the greenhouse almost ready for putting out.

22 Apr, 2013


All I can say is we have never removed the stones from any of our veggie beds. As I said before the only root veg that need a fine tilth are carrots and parsnips.

23 Apr, 2013


Hi MG,
is correct in what she's said, but if you really want the answer try these two,

(1) Put an extra bourd all the way around your raised bed and leave the chippings "but" top up the complete bed with bought good compost,

The size of your raised bed isnt that large and the extra cost will pay for its self time & time again plus you'll be giving your "now nearly ready greenhouse veg" the very best start in their growing life,
(2) Removed all the soil and and lime chippings and put top soil and compost mix back into the bed,

You only get out of gardening what you put in, and if i was in your boots i'd id go for the making the raised bed higher and the best compost you can afford one,

Hank are you near to what was known as bridgemere garden centre?

I know it was taken over but can't for the life of me remember if it was a company called styles,,,,,????

If you are near that gardencentre "Bridgemere" nr Nantwich if your coming from chester direction,

Its well worth visiting "but if you ask for them for a price of bulk buying of their own compost you'll be doing your self a favour,
You'd need your own trailer etc but well worth the effort
I did this years ago from them to do much the same as your trying to do 'sort out a gowing area'.

Good luck and let us know what you decide to do in the end.

23 Apr, 2013


Thanks again D. Both methods look good to me and I'll decide which one to use in the next day or two. And Bridgemere isn't that far away - it's time for another visit there anyway.

23 Apr, 2013

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