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Does any one no a plant for a shady dry place



Hi roselover,
Give us a clue what you like in plants,
so many plants like dry shady growing area's but as i say it depends on your likes in plants? And soil conditions.

22 Apr, 2013


A lot of the plants I grow are shady ladies. There are lots. look at the RHS shade plants list to get a good list.
but to get you going,
some ferns, pulmonaria, smilacena, saxifrages, some heucheras, lots of spring and autumn flowering bulbs, ajuga, pachysandra, pachyphragma. [I grow all these under a beech tree/hedge]

22 Apr, 2013


Thanks seaburn girl some good sugestions thank you

22 Apr, 2013


Thanks dungy like helebores

and perenials

22 Apr, 2013


I found some pulmonarias tended to get mildew in summer if they got too dry so hasten slowly with those just in case.

22 Apr, 2013


I've not had aproblem Steragram but they on a windy-ish site.

23 Apr, 2013


Thank for advice steragram might hold of on that then

23 Apr, 2013


Air circulation might have been the problem SBG. I have some now under a conifer hedge and it doesn't happen to them.

24 Apr, 2013

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