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Hi, can anyone give me some help/advice on the care of this weeping fig, its been in my family for nearly 30 years now so I can't get rid of it but it doesn't look healthy, its an awkward shape, it hangs over my stairs which prevents me rotating it as it is all over one side. It's about 5ft5 tall, but sparse and most branches look twiggy. I rarely water it, never feed it and have never pruned it. It hasn't been re potted for at least 15 years. I would like to care for it better and hopefully nurse it back to health. Any advice gratefully received. Forgot to add, as its so large there is no other spot in the house i can have it in, its opposite a window but not in direct sunlight. Thank you!




Hi, Loobylou. Welcome to GoY. You can always repot into the same pot by knocking the plant out, then sawing off the bottom third, putting in new compost & firming down so that the plant sits at the same level & hey presto your plant has new compost to grow down into. It is sometimes also possible to take some old soil off the top at the same time ( just the top layer) & replace with new.I've done this with big plants many times. Don't know about about pruning your Ficus pendula tho', but Ficus elastica always bounces back after a chop. Maybe some one else will advise.

23 Apr, 2013


Hi Feverfew, thanks very much for your reply. I think I will try that at the weekend. Is there any particular compost I should get? I'm not very green fingered... Yet! Xx

23 Apr, 2013

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