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When should you stop forcing rhubarb? We have had ours for a long time - not sure exactly how long, as I did not plant it, but it must be at least ten years. I put big tubs over two of my four plants in March - I would have done this sooner, but I have not been out much because it has been so cold. However, there really is a difference between them and the other two. They have grown as high as the tubs which are about one and a half feet in height. I have raised them a bit with bricks. Should I now remove the tubs? There is a photo of the plants which I took last year in My Photos.

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I don't grow rhubarb, but my understanding is that you get 1 crop of forced rhubarb, which can be started in december, as soon as you have this crop, just leave to grow naturally, but it wont crop very well next year,Derek.

23 Apr, 2013


Thanks for your reply.

23 Apr, 2013

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