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How and when should I prune my Salix integra Hakuro Nishiki

On plant Salix integra



Prune in early spring to encourage new growth, and to reshape/restrict. If you have a standard version, don't prune below the graft point.

21 Jan, 2010


Not if you want catkins you don't. All willows are normally runed once the catkins have finished as they flower on new wood. This gives them time to regrow during the Summer for next years display.

21 Jan, 2010


I don't think that this one is grown for catkins, is it? I thought it was for its lovely foliage - so I agree with Bamboo. Sorry, Ob.

21 Jan, 2010


Well I prune ours in early Summer and get a good display of the coloured leaves when they first open in early spring on the new wood produced from Summer onwards. Ane we get catkins too!

21 Jan, 2010


Really? That's great - I haven't got this willow, I've just seen it in other gardens, and like the foliage.

21 Jan, 2010


They do produce catkins, Spritz - but for some reason, not all of them. Loads of people never get catkins at all, despite not pruning, so they seem to be variable in terms of flowering.

22 Jan, 2010


Thanks a lot. Will do.

30 Apr, 2011

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