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what do i do to grow my rhubarb plant



Hello Salifa saul.
Im taking it that you have a rhubarb crown (root)

If so rhubarb just cant get enough manure/compost and feed,

I planted mine with manure as a base for the rhubarb to sit on and then on top again lots of manure and rich compost and as soon (2 weeks ago) that the leaves started to grow (just showing through the covering of compost) I put an old chimney pot over the complete plant and on top of this chimney pot a covered the it with a clay pot with one hole at the base of this pot,

The idea being is that the leaves will grow like mad towards the light (the hole in the clay pot)
Make sure you water the rhubarb but keep it covered until the leaves are at the very top of its covering,
"if you dont have an old clay chimney pot"!
then and old metal bucket will do the job,

You can still buy rhubarb pots but they're very costly.

Now the bad news, do not remove any rhubarb for at least two years,
The crown needs to get itself settled in and this takes about 2 year.

Also never cut rhubarb,
When your ready to take the rhubarb break each stick from the base in one go.
Do not eat the leaves.

23 Apr, 2013

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