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Hi, I have a very shaded part of my garden in which nothing seems to thrive apart from my hellborus. Even the ferns look very sad and the whole bed looks scruffy. I am thinking of moving eveything an filling the bed in with pea shingle and putting a few plants in pots which I can move around. My question is can I move everything now ? I have ferns which are sad so not bothered if there survive. A few hosta's which I think will be OK ? The helleborus is is full bloom and my main concern. Also a couple of small rhododendrons. Thanks in advance.



I'd wait until the hellebores are completely finished flowering. Most ferns look tatty now. they too can be lifted and the old foliage removed. You should see new croziers [furled fronds] in the centre. The plants you have all seem ideal for the shade aspect. How long have they been in? they need quite abit of water in the first couple of years to become established.

23 Apr, 2013


Thanks for the advice, I thought I might have to leave the Helleborus. They were planted 2009/2010. They are on the north side of a south facing fence so get very little sun, the area is always wet and I always water through the summer too. The bed is covered in moss which indicates the ground is wet ? There are new fonds on the ferns but the ends of the leaves are all brown, can these be cut back ?

23 Apr, 2013


Hellebores do dislike being moved though and may take a while to settle if you do move them.

23 Apr, 2013


yes you can trim the brown tips, probably frost as the young fronds unfurled.
The moss is an indication of damp shade. Try forking the area and adding a bit of grit to help with the drainage. add humus rich material, I find leaf mould is good but any compost will do. this will beef up the soil and help the plants you have there.

24 Apr, 2013

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