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Is there any reason I shouldn't use my home-grown compost, which after 2 years is quite well composted, to pot up small hanging basket plants?



It would possibly depend what's in the compost. If you pot up young plants into very rich compost , you run the risk of scorching the roots and killing the plants.

My bet would be to mix your compost 50/50 with a potting compost from the garden centre

24 Apr, 2013


Thanks for this response. I have put raw fruit and vegetable peelings and cores in there, no citrus; grass clippings, some other garden material. Does this make it rich? I think to be on the safe side I will do as you say and mix it with garden centre compost.

24 Apr, 2013


As you intend potting up small plants I would stick to using conventional potting compost as it will be fairly sterile. Your own compost whilst being quite low in nutrients will be better used as a soil conditioner or as a mulch in your garden beds.

24 Apr, 2013


Thankyou for this comment. The only difference I can see between my compost and the garden centre compost is that mine is very wet and the garden centre compost is drier. Is this as it should be? But I will use the rest of my compost on the veggie garden. I'm sure it will help.

25 Apr, 2013

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