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Any body use a solar fountain? I have a small pond that I put in just for frogs! Felt so guilty when I took out old pond frogs turned up looking to spawn so put in small pond, see how kind I am lol, anyway am worried it will just fill with mosquito larvae and I understand they don't like moving water. Any recommendations would be great. Thankyou!



Hi sewingkilla,
Thats a very good question as its one im very keen to hear the replies,
Ive been thinking of the very same thing as you so lets hope we get some true honest replies,
IE the good points and any bad ones.

24 Apr, 2013


Yes I have one its very good the only drawback is it will not work when cloudy and even when the sun is shining the minute it goes behind a cloud it stops my little boy thinks its magic lol but all in all I would say if its just for a small pond it will be fine as long as we do have some sun fingers crossed hey!

25 Apr, 2013


Thanks tree fern, think I'll send for one don't want mossies breeding! And I don't want to get any fish really, they'd eat them I suppose.

25 Apr, 2013


I've looked at these too but not seen any pumps without the inexplicably twee and plasticy etceteras they are sold with. I do know you can get just the pumps and panels on line though - do tell us how you get on.

25 Apr, 2013


Re fish, you could try sticklebacks if you can catch some. They are more interesting than goldfish anyway and would still eat larvae. In the mating season the male develops a red breast. He builds a sort of nest and then chases the female through it, She lays her eggs and he swims through after her and fertilizes them She goes off then and he stays with the nest, fanning a current of fresh water through it until the babies hatch. Fascinating to watch!
You probably didn't want to know all that, but I'm feeling chatty this afternoon!

25 Apr, 2013


Lol steragram I remember doing about sticklebacks at school, they're interesting fish don't think they'd like a small pond though. I have seen a fountain online for £13.00 just a fountain and solar panel, don't like the water lily ones or the lily pad ones they look so plastic! It's not too much to spend and has got good reviews, watch this space! Thanks for answering :0)

25 Apr, 2013


That sounds like good value. Do let us know how you get on. How small is small?

26 Apr, 2013

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