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By Hank

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

Plants set last year
On Sept 20th last yr I planted shallot and onion sets. They're both growing nicely. Then on Oct 9th I set the garlic cloves I grew last yr - also growing but half the size of the others.
Does anyone have a clue they'll be ready for getting up ? Obviously not for a while yet, but when ?



Who knows, this weather? Its probably wait and see time.

24 May, 2013


Thanks for that Sue,I've checked the onions which have been in the ground for 8 months and while there's plenty of green on top they're very small. And the garlic is small altogether. But the shallots are looking well.
Guess I'll leave them there for as long as it takes.

30 May, 2013


Might as well - no point in picking them when they're too small to be much use. I've only grown garlic once and it stayed small. Am trying again this year, without much hope.

1 Jun, 2013


Thanks for both answers Sue, I occasionally have athlete's foot so will try the comfrey method next time. I thought I'd heard all the virtues of comfrey but not that one.
Thanks again.

4 Jun, 2013

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