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I planted 2 fuchsia last year in pots. One was a Lady Thumb the other Alison Patrcia.

Now the both look dead - no green on them at all just twiggy. Are they dead?



Mine are the same and I think it just isn't warm enough yet. Give them time. Scrape a bit of the outside away and see if its green underneath.

25 Apr, 2013


Thank you. I will leave them a bit longer and hope they are not dead.

25 Apr, 2013


Difficult to be sure so early in the year. Lady Thumb at least is reasonably hardy and is best planted in the ground with the crown about four inches down. The other one is tender and will not have survived outside. If the soil in Lady Thumb's pot was frozen solid for some time there is little hope but don't give up for at least a month. It won't grow from the dead branches but it may shoot up again from the base. I would trim the branches down to a few inches now and if new growth appears when all danger of frost is passed you can cut them off at soil level.

If you want to overwinter tender fuchsias and you haven't got frost free conditions try taking cuttings in late summer, which you can then grow on in the house on a windowsill.

You can usually tell from the label if a fuchsia is hardy but if not just Google it.

Hardy ones in pots: take cuttings to be sure. Remove the plant to a smaller pot and let it dry off almost completely. Teh leaves will drop. Keep it in a cool room (eg an unused bedroom or frost free garage.) Then aroudn early March spray with tepid water and begin to water gradually. when growth starts remove dead branches and grow in in warmer conditions.

Sorry this was long - got carried away!

25 Apr, 2013


Lady thumb should survive but I don't know if the other one is hardy, mine have all been in a grow house within the garage and some of them have flower buds and other are barely showing growth at all.

25 Apr, 2013

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