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Armillatox: Hi everyone. Glad to be here. I'm quite new to gardening, and this is my first question: last year I had terrible problems with black spots on my honeysuckle; almost all the leaves fell off (I tried to remove affected ones by hand, putting them in the rubbish bin). I bought armillatox, but unfortunately didn't have the opportunity to give the ground a winterdrench... The honeysuckle has recovered but now (april) the black spots start to appear again: have I left it too late? or can i apply the armillatox to the ground now, while avoiding the leaves? This question also applies to my neighbouring rose, which was a little susceptible too last year... Thank you very much for your help!

On plant Lonicera japonica & Rosa White Cloud 'Korstacha'



ideally you need to spray the plants with an appropriate fungicide. The soil contains many benefiaally fungi as well as harmful ones.
personally I'd spray the plant and pick off infected leaves as they appear and claer them off the ground after leaf fall.

see what other suggestions you get though.

26 Apr, 2013


You could spray the rose with Roseclear, which should deal with the black spot there.You repeat this several times thorugh the season - instructions on the pack. Also in the autumn try to pick up all the affected fallen leaves so the spores don't overwinter in the soil. Sorry don't know about the honeysuckle.

26 Apr, 2013


Thank you both! I will look into a good fungicide, and keep picking off the affected leaves... If it doesn't work and the problem gets as bad as last year, I guess I will try to use the armillatox drench in the winter though - but I will do a bit of research into beneficial spores first - I hadn't thought of that! Thanks again.

2 May, 2013

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