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Do Clematis alpina regrow from the base? My C alpina Helsingborg looks awful. Masses of stems and all but 1 looks dead. There is not even the slightest signs of growth and the stems which is showing about 6 inches of foliage already has 2 flower buds. Can I chop it right down to the ground.
As I understand it requires no pruning but thought that if I do it now it will have the rest of the year to put up new stems.



I'd leave the stem with growth alone but yes chop down the others. We my oh inadvertently chopped mine off at the knees it did regrow and you cant tell now. He still goes at things like a Bull in a china shop though, once he gets the chain saw fired up there is no stopping him :o)

26 Apr, 2013


Chain saw massacre in E. Yorks! I like a good go at pruning, good for the soul.
C. alpine is pretty robust and can stand some hacking. I have never taken one right down to the ground but as long as there are still green shoots left it should be OK.

26 Apr, 2013


Thanks both. I'll get snipping when the hail storms disappear!
Luckily I don't own a chainsaw ;-)

26 Apr, 2013

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