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thompson and morgan plants. Just received my phone bill and been charged £6 for a 12 minute call to above company for simply enquiring about expected delivery date of plants. I've paid a high price for being a fool - I don't want any other GOY members making the same mistake as me. Don't ring this company ! I've been stung - I don't want the same to happen to others



just had a look at the website and I have found and tried the the following land line number that works.
01473 806145

26 Apr, 2013


I would email them and complain, the increasing number of emails I,m getting they like other seem desperatly to need sales, try to email (or snail mail)head office as well as customer care,
Even the CEO, there are websites that list email addresses for major companies, extremly useful!

26 Apr, 2013


yeah i conduct all correspondance with them through email

26 Apr, 2013


I emailed photo's when my pink and white buzy lizzies flowered orange and red......and got my money back.......

26 Apr, 2013


I wont need to phone them!, I bought a load of rubbish from them last year, once bitten twice shy, sorry that should read 2 years ago, doesn't time fly, Derek.

26 Apr, 2013


Snoopdog, enough said, lol, Derek.

27 Apr, 2013


thanks for the replies. especially for the phone number from steveg. it seems T&M have lost favour with alot of previous customers. ( and I'm still waiting for delivery of my foxglove illumination plants )

28 Apr, 2013

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