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Daffodils - what to do?

South Lanark, United Kingdom Gb

My pot of early daffs were just on the point of flowering when the snow came - now they are looking very bedraggled - should I leave them as they are or cut them back and if I cut them back then by how much?

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Oh dear, they do look sad Clematisa....such a shame. I suggest you leave them, even if they don't re-shoot, there will be food to go back down into the bulbs. It will be important to feed them after flowering time this year. Good luck and fingers crossed they do flower......

22 Jan, 2010


Thanks Amblealice! Will do - can but wait and see...

22 Jan, 2010


What a shame, Clematisa. They might still send up a flower - it depends if the pot was completely frozen. Hope they do!

22 Jan, 2010


Yes Amblealice is quite correct. The food will go back into the bulb from the leaves so weather or not they flower, just leave them.

22 Jan, 2010

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