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I am just about to order some seeds from Derry Watkins, Special Plants which is in Chippenham. I think I must have seen them advertised somewhere and only just received the beautifully illustrated plant list. Has anyone ordered anything from them in the past, and if so were you pleased with the results?



I have bought plants from her Ginellie. she was a guest speaker at our local HPS. The plants were of good quality but not exactly cheap. I havnt bought seed but others have and they have not said anything adversely.

23 Jan, 2010


I have never actually had seeds from Derry Watkins, but ready grown plants. They have always been good. She has talked at our HPS club. Very knowledgeable.

23 Jan, 2010


Thank you both for your replies, I'll give them a go then. Nicotiana glauca appeals - 8' high (one day maybe) and also her Pictorial Meadows Seed looks lovely, although that would mean digging yet another bed!

24 Jan, 2010

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