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By Tomas

Australia Au

What is the secret to propagating chimonanthus praecox by cuttings? I've tried many times, even on semi mature growth, but never succeeded. If you know how, please copy your reply to my email:

On plant Chimonanthus praecox



I canot find anything on takeing cuttings from chimonanthus, except that you treat them like forsythia, so hear we go'cuttings taken from green wood after flowering in spring or early summer, or' alternatively, place a weight over a branch to keep it on the ground' then after it has rooted'dig it up and cut from main plant then plant it, why not try both ,then you can tell us the best way

23 Jan, 2010


I haven't tried aerial layering yet, so I will give it a go. Thanks.

23 Jan, 2010

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