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how do i keep my pointsetter for the next christmas



Throw it away and buy a new one next year, that is the best way to go.

23 Jan, 2010


Sadly I agree with Dr B waste of time trying to keep them going...

23 Jan, 2010


The reason is that they need a lot of specialist treatment to produce the red brackts. If you manage to keep the plant alive it will just show green leaves next Christmas.

23 Jan, 2010


We did the above then wanted to save ours last year for sentimental reasons.So looked after it all year..some fertilizer about June..only watered when bone dry. This was advice from a member called Delonix.Then from begining of October gave 12 hours of complete darkness...until December.! Rersult for us was a lovely bracts...which are still going strong !! Hope this helps............

23 Jan, 2010


Given price still much easier to compost and buy new... or find something you can easily keep going!

23 Jan, 2010


Ours had senitmental value so was glad of advice from Delonix..glad we percervered.A lovely display produced and a healthy plant to continue !!

23 Jan, 2010


I`ve just thrown mine on the compost heap!

24 Jan, 2010

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