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hi, i have an plant in my garden but nobody knows what is is in the earth, has 5 very large willowy sticks, with small buds on, which are white, but the sticks feel furry and very soft to the touch?? any ideas xx



You'll need to post a picture of the whole plant, leaves and buds really before anyone can give a definative answer.

27 Apr, 2013


Agree with Louise 1
It sounds like something one of my dogs may have done and i didnt find it intime,

Pic needed please!

27 Apr, 2013


thanks for answering, i will borrow my daughters phone to take a picture when she gets home xx

27 Apr, 2013


If its an Iphone, I don't think you'll be able to upload to this site.

27 Apr, 2013


Just a guess here but by how you describe it then it sounds like it could be a Sumac, Rhus typhinia, or commonly known as Stagshorn.

27 Apr, 2013


Rhus typhinia came to my mind too, google it and you might find some photos.

28 Apr, 2013


Yes, I thought Rhus too, tho' a bit puzzled by the white buds. Not pussy willow I suppose??

29 Apr, 2013


hi all I have been trying ( very unsuccessfully ) to get a picture on here, I looked up on google stagshorn, and it looks nothing like it:( im stumped, I ask random people walking by if they have any idea, and everyone is stumped!! my main worry was, could it be harmful to children?, its huge mind, taller than me, and im 5ft 5 and about 3 ft wide, if I find out or manage to post a pic I will, but thank you all for your help and offers of suggestions xx

30 Apr, 2013


lol, im not 3 ft wide, the plant is!!! I just re read that, and it sounded like I was 3ft wide!!

30 Apr, 2013


That's exactly what it sounded like, Smudge, glad you put that one right, lol

1 May, 2013

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