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Soil problem.
I bought soil from the same local supplier two years in the row. I bought a lot.... couple of truck loads each time
because I got lots of trees and plants I accumulated (buying on impulse). The soil looked really good when I got it. I planted several trees and bushes but nothing really looked healthy. When I started to cultivate around I was shocked what I found. Massive "root" system developed in this soil which I cannot explain why. These "roots" are not attached to anything.
It starts like this (first picture), they are thousands if these in the soil and it develops into a heavy mat which is hard to penetrate with shovel. I planted dozens of trees around our 8 acres property and the story is the same. Have anybody an idea what this monster is? And how to get rid of it? The development of this mat took only 8-10 months. My trees are not doing well.

Roots_starts Dolgo1 Roots8



Hi Klahanie

That looks worrying ... I've added this comment so that I can follow the response...

Good luck with sorting out the problem.

27 Apr, 2013


Sorry, Klahanie, I haven't a clue but, like T, I am curious.

27 Apr, 2013


I'm not surprised your trees are struggling, I've no idea what it is but it looks alarming!

Can you go back to your supplier and ask them if they know what it is?

27 Apr, 2013


Thanks all

I am curious as well. I will seek some biologist in the area to determine what these are. First I thought that it is a Elymus repens(quackgrass) but there is no plant life above the ground on it so it has to be some fungus?. It looks more like hyphae and mycelium... spreads very quickly underground and is choking the roots of my trees.
Mysterious monster!

I might stop at the supplier Louisa but I do not see him to do anything. I do not want compensation, I am just very curious what these "roots" to nothing are.


27 Apr, 2013


I hope you manage to find out what it is and can successfully eradicate it!

27 Apr, 2013


Um, I've got an idea, but would be very interested to know as soon as there's any growth above the soil, new leaves etc. There must be some soon. Then another picture with the new info? I've dealt with something similar but wonder if with you the growth is delayed. Look at muehlenbeckia complexa.
As an aside, if any GOY member is tempted by the plant I've mentioned, DON'T! It's an awful invasive beast.
Anyway, back to the question in hand, do let us know if and when you find anything new, and send a photo if leaves appear.

27 Apr, 2013


Thank you all for your sympathy. ;-( I will let you know if I make any new discovery . In the meantime I will be digging as many as I can to keep my trees alive.

Worthy1, None plant life on these . I put the soil in the spots last late spring . The dirt around the tree trunk is clean as a whistle. I will make sure that I will stay away from the Muehlenbeckia complexa. Thanks for the warning.

28 Apr, 2013

How do I say thanks?

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