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By Marion1

Avon, United Kingdom Gb

Has anyone tried the miracle grow flower magic yet, I am thinking of giving it a try but I cant find any reviews on it. Thanks



Not yet Marion I finding it hard to get a good compost.

Wish we could see samples of opened bags.

Hope you are feeling well.

27 Apr, 2013


"Miracle Grow Flower Magic" wow! Other products include Miracle Hair Restorer and Magic Libido Enhanser etc. etc. Sorry but the very name would just drive me away.

27 Apr, 2013


I think this is the pack that contains seeds and fertilizer which you sprinkle on the borders and annual flowers pop up - hopefully. Looks interesting but do these things ever work? My seeds get lost amongst all the other plants.

27 Apr, 2013


I saw it on TV - they certainly make it sound incredible. Not something I would try as I generally don't do annuals but can see the attraction and why they will probably make millions from it!

27 Apr, 2013


When I made some new beds a few years ago, I bought a tub of mixed annuals, when they came up, they were the kind of annuals that you can really do without,most of them had tiny little flowers that didn't last very long, however the seeds have lasted a very long time, I'm still trying to get rid of them, but a few still come up every year, see if it says on the container what the mix of seed is, if you like them ok, if not I wouldn't bother, Derek.

28 Apr, 2013



3 May, 2013


I actually saw the TV advert last night. If it looks too good to be true ...........

5 May, 2013


I may give it a try... nothing to lose, I loved your first answer, it brought a fit of giggles :o)

5 May, 2013


I've tried the blue/white mixture, Marion - the upside is that there are lots of little white flowers, and a few blue ones, the downside is that it's impossible to tell the weeds from the seedlings at the earliest stages, so I've ended up with nasty little weeds to remove now they're recognisable, and how do you do that without trampling on the 'good' plants?

An improvement to this product would be to put pictures of the seedlings on the container.

12 Jun, 2013

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