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I saw a trailing succulent silver green ivy plant at a store and wanted to buy it but there was a dove nested in it. The ivy shaped leaves were small about 1" and placed about every 2" on the vine . Any ideas? I thought is was similar to wax ivy but these leaves were neither fuzzy nor shiny. Any ideas what that was? I would be most grateful to know. Thank you

On plant Do you think it is a senecio? What would the common name be?

Succulent_vine_1 Succulent_vine_2 Succulent_vine_3



I have never seen one of these before but would like to follow any ideas that people come up with.

2 May, 2013


Try Senecio articulatus {candle plant }, best I can think of, Derek.

2 May, 2013


It's Senecio oxyriifolius (subspecies: tropaeolifolius).

21 May, 2013

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