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By Pdb

Lancashire, United Kingdom Gb

Does anyone know what Geranium this is. Lost the label. Thank you




well i know its not phaeum, the leaves are wrong. at this stage hard to say sorry pdb.

29 Apr, 2013


Sorry,I can't tell either,pdb..maybe post a pic of it later,when it has more flowers? I'm sure someone will know..

29 Apr, 2013


Hi pdb,
Im pretty sure this geranium is the same as the one we've got and its common name is cranes bill,
(Latin, Armenian)

if im correct it should have small purple blueish with a hint of a red strips running through the flower head,

(let us all know what it's colours turn out to be)

29 Apr, 2013


Not sure, but my cranesbills have darker green leaves than this: we'll have a better idea when the flowers appear :)

29 Apr, 2013


The foliage looks the same as my Geranium 'Spinners'. The tall purple flowers look lovely against the gold/lime coloured leaves. Just looked at my photos and the flowers have pink/red veining as Dungy describes.

29 Apr, 2013


Possibly Ann Folkard, but there are many many many of them now. Spinners, a Peter Chappell introduction with blue flowers, should have green leaves, not gold tinted like that, and is of taller habit.

29 Apr, 2013


Looks like geranium 'Blue Sunrise'

29 Apr, 2013


OK folks, I'm truly not trying to be negative here, but at what point does the wild 'cranesbill' I have growing here by chance this spring, a quite sorry-looking plant but surely a native which survived the winter, and which self-seeded into a pot which had (coincidentally) had so-called 'geraniums' (pelargonium) over the previous summer (so just waste compost that I'd neglected to take in and clean out), become a "plant", rather than a "weed"?

Me, I wouldn't "cultivate" it - 'cos it looks weedy? (poor flowers to leaf ratio? invasive?)

but...? I meanwhile cherish some cultivated geraniums from presumably the same origin, sent to me...

I'll hope to do a blog shortly with some photos since this is surely an ongoing question... and would love GOY members' answers and thoughts... regards mjlra

29 Apr, 2013


its only a weed if you dont want it or it is in the wrong place. Geranium pratense has been used as a parent in many breeding programmes. it has a beautiful blue flower and i do have it in the garden as a cherished plant.

30 Apr, 2013


My geranium Midnight something-or- other- I- forget- what started off with leaves that colour this year and it had me worried, but I think it must have been due to the cold as its greening up now. It should go purple soon.

30 Apr, 2013


Thank you for all your comments. I think I'd better take a photo when the flowers are out to see if its more easily identifiable .

1 May, 2013

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