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By Scotkat

Angus, Scotland Sco

What does everyone feed there fuchsias with ?

I was going to give the seaweed feed a try,whats your thoughts.



the ones in pots get a foliar feed [miracle grow type stuff except it isnt that brand] as well as slow release granules in the compost mix. the ones in the ground get a sprinkling of bone meal /growmore raked into the soil in spring. also a leafmould mulch in the autumn.

29 Apr, 2013


I haven't tried Seaweed feed,Scotkat..I just use a liquid tomato feed ..but I guess it will be good..I add those slow release pellets to the ones in pots,and the other, later in the summer.The ones in the borders get a weekly dose with tomato feed...when I remember :o)

29 Apr, 2013


Hi scotkat,
If your talking about outside all the perennial fuchias!
then i keep the soil ph high by winter mulching the plant (leave mold and manure well mixed & well rotted) when all the top growth has died down and all through the growing season from ealy on ie april being the first signs of growth "here"
Then the likes of fuchia & the general shrubs get a liquid feed of tomato feed and through the summer once a week a comfrey mix watered in,
fresh mulch of compost/ Manure repeated as above in november.

Plants grow well and look a treat.

29 Apr, 2013


Interesting everyone just wanted to see what you all use and prefer.

I only grow 2 hardy fuchsias in border and never feed them as they grow fine.

But do grow my potted fuchsias for the summer if we get summer .

They will be staying in greenhouse behind glass.

29 Apr, 2013


i find Growmore every 3 to 4 weeks during flowering really perks them up and its so easy to use :)

29 Apr, 2013


I've not fed my one and only fuschia in 10 years, and it grows in not very good soil, so I guess the answer is nothing.
Never mulched it and it just survives all winter naturally.

29 Apr, 2013


I've about 10 hardy ones and never normally feed them, but do mulch them with dead leaves in the autumn.

30 Apr, 2013

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