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By Pammie

Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom Gb

If I buy Hanging baskets this week , can I hang them outside straight away.OR will possibly " frosts " affect them hanging . A fantastic Nursery opens 1stMay & also September ,[ for about 6 weeks at a time until all sold ,] so have to get there early days



I would still protect them in greenhouse till all frosts are past.

I never put mine out till 1st week in June and even then we can still get cold snaps.

But its now the wind damage we can get.

I dont do baskets any more only hanging pots.

29 Apr, 2013


If you have no greenhouse, just cover them with a little fleece, we should not get too hard a frost to get to them at this time of year, but in 1975 it snowed in June. lol. and as Scotkat says the winds do so much damage. Think we are about 2/3 weeks later in the garden, because of the cold snaps we have had, so maybe what we would normally do needs to be left for a little while later on in May. Maybe if you paid for a hanging basket or two they would keep them at the g.c. for you until it was past the worst, I know they do at ours but they are open all year round. Good luck with them. :O)

29 Apr, 2013


Thanks for your answers.Grows on You has helpful members to all who have queries.x

29 Apr, 2013

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