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My Ginger Lily rhizome has been in the airing cupboard for about 3 weeks now and not showing any sign of life. Is this normal? It's covered in polythene and kept moist in m-p compost.



They take their time. They actually do wake up more successfully if you pot them up in soil, water and then cover with cling film. Just putting them in a zip bag or covered with plastic is not enough as it either drys out too quickly or gets too damp and parts rot.

29 Apr, 2013


Thankyou Kildermorie, so I need to use soil not compost. Then should I keep it outside? It will need a big pot; too big for my crowded airing cupboard! I'm wondering too why cling film is better than a plastic bag. I'ts probably dead obvious when one knows the answer.

30 Apr, 2013


I just use compost - just keep it dampish. I did try to wake ginger/Hedychium in a plastic zip bag but it started to rot and grow mould and did nothing. When I gave up and put in a pot and then the pot covered with clingfilm I could see the eyes growing within a week! You can put outside when temps are a bit higher, esp at night.

30 Apr, 2013


Thanks again Kildermorie and I'll follow your advice tomorrow. It's been scorching today and so hopefully will be warm again tomorrow. Spent all day gardening and it was fabulous to be out in the sun!!

30 Apr, 2013

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