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What is wrong with my Hebe ?.
I bought two of these last year, one in planted in my front garden and one is in a pot in my bark garden and both look a little unhealthy, any idea's what is wrong ?




It looks like the damage may be being caused by Hebe leaf miner, when i have problems with this pest i cut the affected parts away and spray with provado bugclear and the results are always good.

29 Apr, 2013


I am tempted to say that they are badly viroused plants and would best be destroyed. But wait until you get other responses, Rubysmum.

29 Apr, 2013


Have had the identical problem with a parent Hebe purchased last autumn plus a dozen cuttings taken from it and kept in greenhouse, disappointed.

30 Apr, 2013


If the problem is repeated in plants propagated by vegetative means, cuttings, then that indicates a genetic problem with the parent plant, Ian.

30 Apr, 2013

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