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By Treetop

West Midlands, United Kingdom Gb

Hi folks I know it's not the time to buy/plant daffodil bulbs. or is it? But I have found some very cheap on line is it worth buying them now and if so how do I store them without them going rotten?
Also exactly when is the best time to plant daff bulbs.



no point now really as they should be in leaf and flower. they may grow if you pop them in the ground now, but they wont put on a good show for a year or 2. I'd personally not buy them after January.

30 Apr, 2013


Agree with SBG all our daffies are in full flower and the reason the bulbs are being offered so cheaply is that the supplier wants rid of them. The time to plant your daffodil bulbs in early autumn.

30 Apr, 2013


I saw some in a shop today,very cheap,and also gone soft..
I would wait till Autumn too.lots available then,at reasonable prices...

30 Apr, 2013


Buy any time from August onwards - best planted in August actually, but September's fine.

1 May, 2013


Thanks folks, sorry I haven't got back on here for a couple of days. Busy at work.
Great advice and much appreciated.

2 May, 2013

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