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By Dungy

limousin, France Fr

Hanging basket lining.
If your trying to save money,
why not make your own hanging basket and use an old woollen jumper as the outer liner, inside use a well holed
black fertilizer bag cut to size,
for hanging geraniums and the like these old jumpers look nice until the plants have started to cover the outside of your basket, the wool helps keep the plants warm during the night and if you want to plant from the sides of the basket its just a case of making the hole's through both the wool & bag liner,

I think these look much better than those card liners and now moss is becoming harder to buy why not use what you've got hanging around.

Another good cheap outer lined material are the cutting off Lleyandi tree's again use the black bag liner on the inside with holes for drainage but first line what your going to see from the outside of your basket with the Lleyandi leave and then the bag on the inside,
this looks very country cottage looking and saves you a fortune.



I like this sounds a really good idea and well worth trying! I don't have any leyllandii trees but I'm certainly going to go rooting for old jumpers...thanks for the tip..:o))

30 Apr, 2013


Thank you too Dungy. My problem is that the Pelargoniums/Geraniums/Surfinias always grow too big too soon. I have to wrap a sheet of newspaper round each one to poke the plant through the black bin liner from the inside as the root is too big doing it from the other side.
Having 3 half baskets on my balcony takes all morning to set up the plants. I always use 'Clover' compost, and feed after 6 weeks, and every 6 weeks after that.
I set them up too early really because of their size, and have a long length of fleece ready to tie over them if a frost is forecast.
But they look fabulous for the rest of the summer so
mustn't grumble !

30 Apr, 2013


Now I'm the opposite Janey - I'm still wearing my old jumpers, but have heaps of leylandii cuttings (former house owners planted a long hedge which is quite hard to keep at about five feet six.)

2 May, 2013


Ha..ha Stera....!

2 May, 2013


Ha ha yes, but I wasn't joking!! lol.

3 May, 2013


I'm in the same boat, Steragram. Glad to find a use for the cuttings!

8 May, 2013

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