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By Dungy

limousin, France Fr

Tip, when your thinking of buying a potted geranium from the likes of garden centre's/ supermarket etc,

Go for the larger a little more costly one,

You'll have a lot of off cuts on the larger plant you can use as cuttings, so you can end up with a lot more plant than you think,
If you run out of rooting compound, use icing sugar,
it works just as well,

Good gardening to you all.



just to add; for the pelargoniums you don't need anything on the cut end. The Victorians used to cut the plant material in the evening. leave the piece on the bench over night for it to for a dry callus layer and then pot it in the morning. I tend to put mine into compost and then only water it the next day. over the years I will have got close to 97% success rate.

One of the gardening programs suggested talc too.

1 May, 2013


I do the same as Sbg,and never use rooting powder on Pelargoniums..just let the cut end dry overnight..then pot up..

1 May, 2013


I never use rooting powder, full stop, on anything, and I don't have many failures, Derek.

2 May, 2013


All the same icing sugar sound interesting - worth a trial, half with and half without? I did just what suggested with my pelargonium cuttings some weeks ago (not the icing sugar!) - they look very healthy but haven't grown any roots at all. I live in hope.

2 May, 2013

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