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By Racheal

London, United Kingdom Gb

Hi everyone I need an 'GREEN' greenfly killer. only a small garden but huge quantity of greenfly. I have read some of the previous suggestion on the site. I have tried the soapy water but that did not do much. Have no nettles nearby. Believe it or not, hose pipe ban in area, can't blow them off with the hose. mostly on rose bushes and now my pot of chives. Help



You can buy Ladybirds online from quite a few sites now.

The perfect green anti pest method.

1 May, 2013


Hi Racheal,
Hope your well and enjoying the garden,

Now you've asked about Green fly killer,
Well it demends on your way of gardening

IE some people will go out and spend money on green fly sprays, (wasted money in my opinion)

Some people want to use used washing up liquid,

(not a bad idea but even washing up liquid is now being looked at because of all added chemicles used in the making of the liquid, ie to remove grease etc "is this of any harm to some plants"?

And then you can use a method used for hundreds of years called mother nature's way,

ie this is in two seperate sections, (1) being insects such as the ladybird,
And as has been already mentioned you can send away for these,
(2) Again mother nature's way but a hell of a lot more on the simple proved & tested way,

To stop the green fly even coming near your "Rose bush & indeed tomato plants in or out of the greenhouse, is to plant next to your plants "in your case roses"
a plant called tagetes "french marigold" this plant also stops white fly on cabbages,

If you want an instant cure buy this plant "Now" from the garden centre and your problem is delt with without you being near the roses,

Tagetes flower all summer and when the summer is over and the flowers start to wilt "keep" the flower heads in a container and come april pull the seeds out of the heads sow them and in two /three weeks you'll have your next summers protection for free.

Tagetes have a nice orange smell and are orange or yellow in colour and grow to approx 8/12 inch high.

There you have it,
I use this method and have done for years, ive over 200 small pots of tagetes in the greenhouse and outside on the staging "Now" as i write this little lot
they're that good I use them as an lawn edging plant and in troughs around the driveway,
Once again a tried & well tested method.
regards dungy

1 May, 2013


one of the easiest but needs to be done as soon as you see them is to rub them off using finger and thumb. if you don't want the juices on your hands wear rubber gloves.

1 May, 2013


Thank you so much. I have been using my hands but it is a messy job. Hard to keep on top of the little green monsters. So I am going to look online for Ladybirds and down the garden centre for some French marigolds.
Thanks again to you all.

1 May, 2013


The wild plant Tansy will also be effective. Look for a clump on waste ground , and dig up a small piece. It will soon grow into a nice big clump next year, then you can split it and increase your stock. Hardy.

2 May, 2013


Thanks Dianebulley will check that out.

2 May, 2013


it is actually illegal to dig up wild plants unless they are on your own property.

2 May, 2013


Yes. Seaburngirl. I thought that might be the case. I did some research earlier and I won't be going digging in public places. Thanks.

2 May, 2013


I know about this stupid law SB - its really aimed at
collectors of rare wild Alpine plants. If Rachael sends me her address I will post a small piece to her. Have a large patch on my allotment, the birds delivered the seed to me.

2 May, 2013


Not such a stupid law really, though a bit frustrating at times. We have lost most of our wild daffodils to people just taking them for their own gardens, and snowdrops and bluebells were also being taken. And what's plentiful varies with he regions of course - we have thousands of primroses round here but no tansy as far as I know.
I'm sure Racheal will be very pleased to get a piece from your allotment.
By the way the plant you sent me to deter caterpillars from brassicas is doing well - thanks again.

2 May, 2013

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