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By Mmillar

Wiltshire, United Kingdom Gb

My Wisteria is about 30 years old. As it comes out of the ground it forks into 2 trunks. One of the trunks at the base of the plant has cracked and is quite open. All the plant from this side is dead.

Do I have to get rid of the whole plant? Or should I saw off that side? I'm not sure it will survive such a dramatic operation!
I have enclosed a photo

Maureen Millar

On plant Wisteria




remove the dead side and dust/paint the cut with a fungicide. they sell it at garden centres I think it might be called arbotex. someone on here will know. if not then they should at the gc.
the live side should carry on as normal.
and welcome to GoY too :o)

24 Jan, 2010


from the photo it look as if the other trunk is going the same way.

24 Jan, 2010


Thank you for the replies - yes I did fear the worst cliffo - but can't bear the thought !

24 Jan, 2010


If you 'listen again' to GQT on radio 4 22 Jan on the BBC iPlayer, there's a useful discussion about large wisterias. Apparently they are tough as old boots and will cope with 'heavy' pruning.

24 Jan, 2010

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