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By Marion1

Avon, United Kingdom Gb

I planted lots of helenium moerhien beauty last year and they were glorious, there is still no sign of life on them this year and I was wondering do you think they are late or have I lost them? thanks



Give em chance. Although my moreheim beauty are up, many other herbaceous are only just showing.

2 May, 2013


one of mine is up but only by a cm or 2. so give them a little bit longer. can you see any sign of a root ball in the soil? if yes then fingers crossed. if no then they have been lost.

2 May, 2013


I have lost a lot of mine here, think the wet must have killed them off. Planted up some new ones last week. It is so disappointing but they are a lovely plant so just had to have some more :O)

2 May, 2013


check the slugs haven't had a go at the new foliage Marion - mine's are about 1 inch high and already slug damage!
I remember reading somewhere (when researching last year on seeds for Nariz) that in spring they need a good soak. I've tried to find it again but no luck, I'll keep looking.

2 May, 2013


thanks for your answers, I will give it a little longer,seaburngirl when you say a root ball, do you mean the roots from the plants last year?

3 May, 2013


yes I do Marion.

3 May, 2013

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