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Hi there, what reason/s would cause the leaves on my Laurels to go yellow/brown and drop off? I literally touch them and they fall to the ground. Thanks.



Even evergreens lose some leaves, if they are yellow they will come off. As long as there are plenty of green ones it should be OK.

2 May, 2013


Ok, many thanks, there are loads of green leaves so I won't panic just yet.

2 May, 2013


they shed leaves all year round but a few more in spring to take into account of winter damage.

3 May, 2013


Oh right, thanks and boy what a Winter we had, I've actually lost 2 well established Buddleias, they are completely dead, they were lovely last year, but still it gives me the excuse to buy more.

3 May, 2013

How do I say thanks?

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