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I bought a beautiful 2-ft-tall Cupressus macrocarpa about a month ago. It stayed in its beautiful self for 2 weeks b4 I repotted it to a bigger pot and more 'nutritious' soil.

As soon as I repotted it, some needles started to turn brown at the tips over the next few days. I was alarmed when a great deal of the needles at the bottom of the tree had gone brown when I checked yesterday. And also at this same time, it started emitting a woody scent (characteristic of the plant?). Before I repotted it it didn't set off any scent at all.

When I was repotting, I dipped the entire root system in water in a bid trying to lose as much of the old media it came in, which was a dry fine sandy husk mix. Could this have hurt the plant?

I am over here at East Asia where it's probably zone 10a. Daytime temp climbs to 33° C and humidity is high ranging 60-90%. This plant isn't placed at a direct sun spot but it gets some sunray during midday when the sun moves. I water it every 2 days and I don't dump water all over the soil, just a few splashes around so that the soil is moist.

Can the experts here see what have I done wrong or not done here? Is my watering adequate? Hope my goldcrest isn't dying...



It seems to me that this plant has had nowhere near enough water for those sort of temperatures, I would probably expect to be having to water at least twice a day, if it ever got that warm in the uk, it is more than likely that the water is evaporating before it gets anywhere near the roots, try giving it a good soaking but slowly, so the water can percolate through to the roots, and see what happens from there, although it may already be too late, Derek.

3 May, 2013


I bought mine ten years ago, also planting in a pot but it didn't do at all well, so I planted it in the ground. It thrived and is now about 40ft tall and is lovely. Maybe they don't like being in a pot.

3 May, 2013


OMG. I'm underwatering it??? I better dash out now and give it a good soak!!! Pray it's not gone. :S

4 May, 2013


A large tub full of water that the whole pot can be dropped into for a couple of hours twice a day, will enable the liquid to penetrate through to the roots near the stem. If bubbles come up then thats a sign its completely dry. Good luck.

4 May, 2013


Hi guys
The pace of browning/yellowing of the goldcrest needles has slowed tremendously. But any idea why tips are still turning brown, albeit far far less so now?
Is this a fragile conifer? As in extremely sensitive to (less or excessive) water and heat?
I give it a big soak every 4 days now.
I really do hope this conifer lives :s

10 May, 2013

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