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By Mandah

New South Wales, Australia Au

something is eating Audrey my cyclamen's eating the green of the leaves and leaving like an exoskeleton of the leaves and little 'poops' u know what it is and how to stop i?'s an indoor plant. This is my first ever plant that has lived past six months and I am quite attached... Can someone please help me?



Sounds like a caterpillar - poor Audrey!

4 May, 2013


Have a close examination of all the leaves. If it is a caterpillar, which sounds very likely, it could very well be a very small green one easy to miss. If you find one just take it off and squash it if you can or put it (the caterpillar) outside if you can't! Are you sure its a houseplant? This variety is usually grown in a shady place outside.

4 May, 2013


Thank you!! Thank you!!
It was TWO very hungry caterpillars and fat little blighters too!! I replaced them outside with a dustpan and broom!
Yes, I looked up her instructions, she lives near a window with plenty of fresh air and sunlight, took me a while to get the watering down pat....but she pulled thru and has just started flowering again.
Thanks again you helped save a life. :-)
Is there anything I can do to prevent Audrey from becoming and all you can eat buffet again?

4 May, 2013


Well done! Just keep a beady eye on them from now on.

4 May, 2013


sounds like a real little shop of horrors!

6 May, 2013

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