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By Slimdil

Northumberland, United Kingdom Gb

Identification please. Every year I try and remove as many of these little bulbs as possible after flowering, but still they come back the next year. I'm referring to the ones that look a little like a snowdrop - not the blue grape hyacinths. They are quite sweet and would be happy to have them if they stayed in one place - but they're very invasive. Sorry the third photo is a little out of focus. Thanks a lot.

Garden_5th_may_2013_080 Garden_5th_may_2013_081 Garden_5th_may_2013_082



No idea what they are (someone will know) but they do look quite lovely - probably by the time they've taken over the garden, perhaps somewhat less attractive!

5 May, 2013


Do they have an oniony smell? one of the alliums is ringing a distant bell. I have just cleared 3 buckets full of the little yellow Allium moly golden garlic. Started with 10 bulbs 9 yrs ago grrrr.

Could be one of the wild Alliums.

5 May, 2013


Possibly Allium paradox var. normale.

5 May, 2013


Thanks for that folks.

6 May, 2013

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