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For years I had 2 fuchsia "Trees" in my front garden. Always gave a fabulous show and the bees (specially Bumble bees) loved them. Then I employed a landscape gardner who promptly murdered ALL my plants in that area. Now, the specimens in question were Fuchsia ‘Ricartonii’. Easy I thought, I'll go online and replace them. To my horror all the plants have different flowers!! Mine had small flowers with deep purple under and scarlet skirt. Any one help.... Please???



If they are only cut right down they will grow again.

5 May, 2013


I agree they should grow back. I assume you won't be employing that particular gardener again?!

5 May, 2013


There are so many varieties and cultivars of Fuchsia that even the Always Believeable Catalogues (!) get it wrong sometimes.
Personally, I'd give them a few gentle feeds this year having cut them back to about 4" above ground and keep them gently moist then, next year, they'll hopefully be back. You might get something this year ... but don't hold your breath!!

5 May, 2013


when you say murdered did he actually remove the roots too? if he did then you will have to replace them. The description does sound more like the F magellica form.

5 May, 2013


Fuchsia magellanica has small flowers in this colour way. There are several different cultivars in different colours. perhaps this will be suitable especially if murdered means dug up and taken away.

5 May, 2013


Riccartoni does have purple flowers under a scarlet skirt and is good for hedging. The flowers are a bit bigger than magellanica. Have a look at Burncoose nurseries.

5 May, 2013


Thank you all for your kind help. Said "landscape Gardner (!!??) dug up the plants, roots and all, and left them out in the sun all day while I was at work. I placed them in a tub of water, cut them back hard and replanted them. No luck. So, do need to replace them. Bees getting impatient!

9 May, 2013

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