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Should I really pinch off the tips on my sweet peas like Monty said on GW they look so good as they are it's the first time I have grown them from seeds so I will do as Goyer experts say before I believe Monty :o)



Pinching the growing tip out will make them bushier Kidsgran.

5 May, 2013


I did mine 2 weeks ago and then I planted them out today as they have been hardened off for several weeks.

5 May, 2013


Thanks ladies .

5 May, 2013


I must have missed Monty's instruction to pinch out the tops of sweet pea plants. Did he recommend doing this before planting out? If so, please could someone kindly tell me what he said?
Many thanks

6 May, 2013


As soon as the plant has two proper sets of leaves the growing tip can be pinched out, to encourage them to become bushy.

8 May, 2013


Doesn't matter if you do before or after planting out though Canalhopper.

8 May, 2013

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