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I wrapped my agave plants in a frost fleece for the winter, however we live quite high up in Surrey and experienced a lot of snow and temperatures below -3 degrees. The snow was left to sit on top of the plants above the frost blanket and my plant's have now gone completley limp and the leaves now feel soggy. Is there any chance they will recover and if so what should I do. I have now removed the frost blankets.

On plant Agave americana



Unfortunately I think you have lost them. It the tougher outer leaves cells have been burst apart by ice crystals inside them, I suspect that the important even more tender growing point in the centre is completely gone too.

Agave americana does produce underground stolons with adventitious buds at the tip. You may just be lucky and have one or two of these under the soil where they might have been more protected.

25 Jan, 2010

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